Utility Phone App Detection of New User Guide and Quick Guide Versions

While on a trip, I tried to access the 20S EVO User Guide using the Android version of the Sena Utility V2.1.  The utility detected that a new version of the Guide was available and presented a pop-up offering to download the new version.  I replied "ok," but the utility did not download a new version.  From this point forward, I was not able to access either the User Guide or the Quick Guide.  If I replied "cancel" to the pop-up, the utility did not open the old version of the Guide.  If I replied "ok," I could not obtain a new copy either.  I could not access the Sena 20S EVO documentation at all.

I suggest the Utility App be enhanced to display the "old" version of the Guide when the pop-up reply is "cancel."

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