Headphone jack instead of speakers 20s

 I just bought a pair of 20S EVOs for my wife and I. I have a hearing
loss and wear ear plugs all the time while riding and find that the
volume isn't loud enough with my earplugs in. I have custom earplugs
with speakers built into them and do plug them in the earphone jack in
the EVO. If it rains though, I have to unplug them to avoid ruining
the headset. Have you ever thought of making an adapter with the
earphone jack that would plug into where the speakers plug in, replacing
the speakers all together? If you wear earbuds, or in my case custom
earplugs, there is no need for speakers in the helmet and then no need
to worry about water getting into the earphone jack on the front of the 20S.
Thanks for listening
Dave Korwek


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