GoPro Hero5 Black/Session Bluetooth or wifi Connection to Sena 20s or newer



  • Will White
    Will White

    Hey Dimitri, I actually looked into this quite a bit when I bought my GoPro Hero 5 Black.  The issue isn't on Sena's side, it's with the GoPro.  The camera will not allow bluetooth microphones to connect as audio devices.  That is a limitation of the camera itself, not of the Sena headsets.  The folks at GoPro would have to enable audio over bluetooth for this to get fixed.  The chipset in the camera has the capability, but if GoPro doesn't write firmware that supports it we're out of luck.


    I know the Garmin VIRB xe can do it:


    GoPro is really driving themselves out of the action camera market with their anti-consumer actions (eliminating 3rd party support, backpacks, pricing, etc).

  • Dimitri Tympanidis
    Dimitri Tympanidis

    Interesting, here i thought it was the Sena bluetooth that was the issue. Good to know.

    Do you know of a way to be able to connect the Hero 5 with the sena? 



    That garmin is also 800 bucks, not sure if i am willing to spend that much $$ for a camera that may or may not be able to withstand a fall if it so happens that it does fall from either a drop from a small height or high impact.

  • Will White
    Will White

    I agree, it's expensive.  I haven't really looked too far into other cameras since my GoPro still works any my only real option would be to ebay it off to buy a new camera from a different manufacturer....with how little I use it I tend to just record audio on a different device (like my phone) and then sync it up on the computer afterward...just have to get a video and audio cue to help out with that like a movie clapboard. :-)


    So, if you want to do audio into the GoPro hero 5 series, they sell an adapter which will plug into the USB C port and will give you a standard 3.5mm audio jack.  The adapter costs $50 on their website.


    From there you could connect it to something like a Sena SR10 which accepts audio from could then use a 2.5 to 3.5mm conversion cable to hoop the SR10 to the GoPro accessory.  A bit cumbersome and the GoPro wouldn't be waterproof because the door would have to be open to plug in the adapter.


    OR, if you search "3.5mm bluetooth audio adapter" on amazon you'll get a bunch of results.  There are some highly rated sub $20 adapters on there that may do the job, but I've never tried it so YMMV.  You could try one of those with the GoPro accessory cable since you already won't be using it in wet weather with the door off of the GoPro, the adapter wouldn't' have to be super waterproof.

  • robert v
    robert v

    Just found this thread and revisiting for 2020 as newer cameras come up and technology advances. 

    I've submitted a new feature request for the GoPro Hero 7/8 and Insta360 One R. It seems it should be possible on the camera side as the Insta360 One R can allow pairing of Apple's Airpods to record audio/voice to the camera thus overriding the built-in mics. GoPro has a labs feature which seems their engineers are doing some awesome stuff and think they can maybe come up with a way to pair the Hero8 to a Sena 20S/50S or whatever variant.


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