Really need balance control for the 30K

I think that postings on the internet are kind of like icebergs... you never see 90% of the size of the problem! 

   Just installed the 30K into my helmet a week or so ago, and the right speaker is definitely a little bit louder than the left.  A minor annoyance, to be sure, but a needless one, also.  Which makes it REALLY annoying...with all the neat adjustments and control options you get in "Basic Settings", you forget to add a balance control for the speakers?  Seriously?

 And before you say "repositioning the speakers can solve the problem", maybe yes, maybe no....but what would definitely solve the problem, and not eat up more of my time fiddling around with speakers, would be a simple balance control. I figure for $260, that's not such a big thing to expect to have in the settings......

Just saying!

PS.  And I bet the annoyed contingent (i.e. silent majority) is way higher than 90%.


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