SMH10R (Nexx X.Comm) and BMW TFT phone call sound issue

I have a Nexx X.Comm and paired it with the new BMW R1200GS TFT screen. 

Everything works fine (media streaming & sound) except for the sound on incoming and outgoing phone calls. Music streaming gets stopped when phone call is initiated, but no sound comes through. 

I have checked my Android device and allows all the settings for phone/contacts/media to the BMW TFT screen. 

I have even tried changing the settings for "High Quality A2DP" & "Sidetone" to no avail. 

Furthermore, I also reloaded latest firmware on both BMW TFT and Sena X.Comm. Also tried pairing the helmet with "Phone selective pairing", but that does not pair on TFT. Also, I can only load latest firmware X-COM-v1.1.img file but not the SMH10R firmware update.
Does anyone have an answer for this or how I can get this to work? 


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