30k no mesh connection??



  • Robert Lee
    Robert Lee

    So Mike no responses! I have the same issue. For some reason it only seems to connect while I'm using the app on my phone. Just did the V2.1 update and made it worse.  I'm getting very tired with the problems of just about every Sena unit I've owned. For the amount of money these things cost there shouldn't be any issues. Hope you got yours resolved

  • mike bazan
    mike bazan

    I ended up sending both head units back to Sena and they found one of them was faulty which they replaced. It's all working as it should now. They paid for postage to & from so I wasn't out of pocket.

  • Tom Post
    Tom Post

    My 30k unit will not pair to my Honda Goldwing Freewire unit. I have tried to follow the "so-called" easy instructions and continue to hear "pairing not complete, try again later".


  • Sena Support
    Sena Support

    Hi Tom. That voice prompt doesn't exist on the 30K. With that said, hold down the Phone Button on the 30K for 5 seconds until the LED is flashing red and blue rapidly. Next, hold down the Pairing Button on the FreeWire for 5 seconds until the LEDs are flashing red and blue rapidly. Wait for the LEDs on both devices to stop flashing and you hear "Your headset is paired" on the 30K.


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