The observations of my N-COM BX5 that could improve the SENA intercom


I was the owner of Inteco N-COM BX-5, I should have a few points for improvement. I have Sena SRL 1.0.6
First, why does the intercom switch off every time I want to charge it? As far as safety is concerned, how do you explain to me that other communicators such as the BX-5 have this feature. It is very unpleasant when you forget to switch off the intercom and discharge you and now you have to go somewhere, I will also charge it while driving, but it does not work during charging is quite bad! If you look at reviews of this product, it is a matter for everyone. If you want to keep it there, please add to Sena Utility an option for everyone to choose whether to turn off the intercom while charging or turning it on. You will see that the option to turn off itercom while charging will not be used by anyone.
Secondly, the N-COM BX-5 was a great hardware (motion sensor G-Sensor) function when I do not use the intercom - it does not move the switch to the standby mode, saving the battery and also the fact that I do not have the communicator then discharged when I arrive to the motorcycle and do not have to solve the problems as described in step 1.
I assume that LLC does not have a G-sensor.
You can not add an algorithm that detects that the intercom is not used eg when not pressing any button for eg 2 hours or no device connected via bluetooth. On some condition, you would definitely come. If he accidentally switched off the intercom without I want to, just turn it on. It's much better and more comfortable than ever. You can also add this feature to the Sena Utility property. I hope that someone will respond to my observations and add further updates.

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