SMH5 compatibility to android app

Please find a way to make Sena SMH5 connect to the android app.

I've just purchased a brand new SMH5-FM and is very frustrating trying to learn all the commands and jog clicks to fully understand and use my Sena. Bluetooth 3.0 is not a restriction justification for the app because the bluetooth version is related to the protocol, speed and power consumption.

I understand that not all the functions the app can access on 4.1 bluetooth units could be reached on a 3.0 bluetooth. But basic things such as pairing units, FM presets should be quite possible.

Sena already have the app. Expanding the connectivity to the SMH5 would only bring more satisfaction to Sena customers and also increase Sena's reputation. Otherwise, why would Sena still sell SMH5 new units if they are obsolete?

Upgrading the firmware of SMH5 to make possible the universal intercom was a great shot. Connecting the SMH5 to Sena's App would also be another great shot and really bring joy to the customers who already own a SMH5 or just recently purchased a pair (such as me).

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