SMH5-FM - Won't charge, won't turn on


I purchased about 2 months ago a Sena SMH5-FM dual kit. 

I used it with no problems at all for the last two months, including a 5000mi road trip in South America. Been using it daily with my Garmin GPS with no problem at all. At the end of the day, being the battery fully depleted or not, I'd charge it.

On the last day of the trip, the battery died when I was about to get home, and when I got home I forgot to charge it. Left it sitting around for only four days and now it won't charge at all.

No LED lights show up when plugged to the charger, not even red or blue. After some time (and some times it happens, others it just stay totally dark) ocasionally the red charging LED starts to blink (sometimes it doesn't even happen, and on others it blinks only when I plug the USB cable off), and that's it.

Tried to use the reset button in the back, tried connecting with Sena Device Manager, no luck at all (Device Manager won't even recognize the device as it needs to be turned on - as it won't turn on, so ...)

is my unit dead?

Note: I live in Brazil and there's no official vendor in my country.


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