SRLI with SHOEI NeotecII(2) - Sound quality

I recently bought a Shoei Neotec 2 and the Sena SRL to fit.

I was very satisfyed with all recent products made by Sena because of handling and quality of sound. I really love my combo Shoei GT-Air with the Sena 10U because of perfect sound quality and usage.

Now I got me the SRL and I'm more than disappoinzted. Sound quality is poor and handling is quite difficult (Buttons on helmet).

Sound is like coming from an old can, very quiet and not voluminous at all, used to hear from the 10U.

Do you guys have a trick that will do it? I'm eventhinking about to replace the speakers from another headest, but this will void anything.

I'm looking to hear your 2 cents to this...


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