Help setting up a group situation

Hi everyone, I need a little help setting up the following scenario:

  • 4 Sena 20s devices, A, B, C, D
  • We will be riding together most of the time, but will also expect to sometimes have more significant distances between each other. Communication is most important when we are riding together though
  • We each want the ability to listen to our own music the majority of the time
  • We want the ability for A&B and C&D to have private conversations, but to be able to return to a full-group conversation when needed

Currently A&B are paired for intercom together. C&D are new to Sena, but I think they may have paired for intercom together.

Can someone very clearly outline the steps needed for us to accomplish what I propose above? Ideally within the next 24 hours, as we are having the other couple over tomorrow night to get this all set up! Thanks in advance!


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