20s EVO voice promt volume level

Voice promt is really helping thing while surfing between different featuresof the 20S EVO headset. But adjusting the volume by turning the jog dial, doesn't affect the volume of the voice promt.
All these "beeps" and "confirms" and "connected" or "cancelled" words are presented with extremely loud voice and i cannot turn the volume of them down...
So right then, when i turn the headset on, it welcomes me by saying "HELLO" with a such volume which will kill my ear drums. Seems like there is no option to turn the volume level of the voice promts a little bit down...?

Seems like there has been an earlier posts about the same issue:
"Dangerously painful beep issue..."
"separate the volume of music etc from vocal prompts 10u..."
Awaiting for some development on that issue :)
Best regards,
Taavet Vool

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