20S change button mapping

I have been using the Sena 20S for 4 years now and generally really like it. I have one major issue that I'm trying to fix though. I listen to music and GPS directions 99% of the time and use intercoms about 1% of the time (solo rides, friends don't have a Sena, etc.). Having to hold down the center button to pause music vs just a tap is both inconvenient and at times dangerous.  I want to be able to swap functions so that I can tap the button to play/pause and hold it down to use intercom since that matches my use case significantly better. Is there any way to remap those features?  It should be something that could be done relatively easy via the software.  My friends that do have Sena's want the same feature and I'm sure we're not the only ones.

To clarify just a little more, since the device mounts on the left side of the helmet you can't hold down the button to pause music and also hold in the clutch. I find I am most often pausing my music when I come to a stop and am trying to talk to someone next to me or they are trying to talk to me.  If I could just tap the button to pause music as I'm coming to a stop that would be relatively easy.  Trying to hold down the button while downshifting, clutching, coming to a stop is just a bad situation.


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