Shoei GT AIr II + Sena SRL2

Hello. I just got the helmet and the sena installed by the dealer and the as compact as everything is for some reason the sena units on the sides of the helmet catch a great deal of wind. I usually ride without earplugs in my GT AIR 1 without sena and up to 70Mph is just fine. On the other hand on my new GT AIR 2 + Sena SRL2 i ride WITH earplugs and at 50 MPH it's pretty bad and at 70Mph i can't hear the sena at all at max volume and the wind becomes something out of this world. I'm sure the wind is cathing right on the sena units as if i put my hand on the helmet in front of the unit the wind noise dissapears and i hear that it just spreads all over the helmet. Any suggestions how to deal with that ? 


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