Unable to update firmware on my SRL2



  • Gil Hellmann
    Gil Hellmann

    I have exactly the same problem. Tried on both Mac and Windows same issue, slightly different error.

  • Marcel Nibbia
    Marcel Nibbia

    Same problem. Any idea? Tried Windows 10 and an old Win7 PC. No connection at all. Everything was still fine with the old manager.

  • Siôn Lewis
    Siôn Lewis

    Did anyone finda solution?
    I am having a similar problem where I was able to update one unit from 1.0.7, but not another...

  • Dan Cannon
    Dan Cannon

    I tried win 7, win 10 then another laptop we had win 8 finally worked. Crazy. The difference with win 8 seemed to add a step for some windows distribution. Go figure 

  • info

    Thanks Dan Cannon,

    That sounds like a lot of effort, and not ideal… Hopefully Sena are working on a fix to this issue/bug as we speak…?

    That said, I won’t be holding my breath, as I am still waiting for Sena Support to respond to my Zendesk case #688981 on this matter. It has been 3 weeks since submitting the support case and all I have received is the default automated response. Also not great :/


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