SHM10 adapter for over the ear device

I am wondering if there is a headset that can utilize the SMH10 unit for non-motorcycle helmet usage. My wife and I purchased a pair of the SMH10 units, and they work great when we are both on our motorcycles. What I would like to find is an over the ear headset { like the Expand or SPH10 } that the SMH10 unit can click into. This way, one of us can be in our 4 wheeled vehicle, while the other is on the bike, and not have to wear the motorcycle helmet inside the vehicle. I think that would be a great accessory of SENA could produce a product like that. I do understand that you can pair the SENA with the phone, and make/receive calls, and that is what we did for our long trip, but this restricts the ability of hands-free intercom communication.

Karl & Teri


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