Talking beteeen motorcycles and side-by-sides

We are a family of 4. Two of us ride dirtbikes and the other two a side-by-side quad. The quad riders do not wear motorcycle helmets but would wear bike helmets. 

Is there a good solution for someone not wearing a motorcycle helmet to connect to the intercom?

We currently have three 20 series Sena -- two built in helmets and one 20s evo.

1)  Do the Sena bike helmet intercoms pair with the motorcyle intercoms?

2) can a smart phone running the Sena app connect to the intercoms?

3) would there be any advantage to trading up the 20s evo to a 50 series? Like if it is connected to two 20 series, would it rely for the two 20s if they are out of range from each each but both connected to the 50s?





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