Voice only audio Record Sena 10C EVO ?



  • David

    I came here to make just this post. I have the 10C original generation and inside the basic settings you can mark what you want to record above and beyond your mic. This is extremely useful if you want to record the ride but not your music or intercom communications. The 10C evo not having this is a complete backward step in feature sets. Take my upvote on this being added as a feature request.

  • George M
    George M


  • Chenagan3

    I went looking as had the same question. I called Sena and there is no way to stop the music as before. the only way now is to turn down the volume on the music and then speak and it will be fine. It is just another fiddly step and makes it a bit harder. This was a really bad idea by Sena and I am sending the Evo back for a refund


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