Sena 30K Open Mesh


I apologize in advance for the long post, but I really need some assistance on this issue.

My friend and I both own a Sena 30K and we use it frequently. a few days ago we were not able to do 'Open Mesh' or 'Group Mesh' at all. 

when we got home we started looking into this problem. My friend did a hard reset to his device and I didn't. 

after he did that, it seems the problem is even bigger. now when he turns on the 'Open Mesh' the device won't announce the channel. it would just say 'Open Mesh On'. in addition, when opening the Sena 30K Utility App, under Mesh Intercom it shows that his device is Under Group Mesh. the thing is that even in Group Mesh I cant pair to him. 

in this regard I will say that it seems like I have a problem in my device because I every time I open Group Mesh, I here a message saying, Group Mesh Failed, even when I try to connect to a group of friends who allowed me to join.

the only common thing my friend and I have is that recently we updated our Firmware to the v3.0.1. ever since we were not able to use any intercom feature including the Bluetooth Intercom. 

I would appreciate any help on this.

thank you,



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