Sena 50s bluetooth issues with BMW navigator 6

Hi I have connected my Sena 50s with my BMW nav6 and my phone also connects to my nav 6, this way music and calls are done through the GPS and the sena is only connected to one bluetooth device. I have turned on audio multi tasking from the menu when i connect my sena to the computer and am using the latest firmware.

When i use the mesh feature with other riders all works fine listening to music and gps instructions and also conversations, the problem is the battery only lasts 4 hours this way.(sena say alot more!!!!)

I have now tried using Bluetooth to other riders and as soon as i try to connect to another sena 50s via Bluetooth, it disconnects my sena from my GPS !!!! i thought i should be able to pair 2 devices. Sometimes it connects with the Bluetooth headset but i lose my gps instructions but music still plays. Also are you supposed to leave the bluetooth intercom switched on or are you able to toggle between riders on your ride?

Having spent 300 pounds upgrading from my 20s i am very disappointed and am telling people not to buy Sena at present as their help line is not very good at responding very quickly or even very knowledgeable about their own product.


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