Answer Whatsapp Calls directly from headset

I have had my Sena SMH5FM for almost 6 or 7 years now and it is still working great.

I can answer any standard call via voice or by tapping the yellow button, but I am really having an issue when I get a call via Whatsapp.

In this day and age and also in the time now of Lockdowns and Covids and the likes, working from home and being on the road is happening more than working from an office and I get 15 - 20 calls a day from work colleagues, sometime way more!

Now, I can answer the call directly from the phone and it works perfectly through the bluetooth, but my phone is not always available to use while I'm riding... This is the reason I have the headset in the first place.

So is there any other way to answer these calls via voice or via the headset?
Will there an update, or could there possibly be an update for this feature going forward?

I think it is really important to look into and will possibly make 1000's of users very happy....

Surely it can't be that difficult to add this into the coding to answer calls?


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