2 YRS and 3 mos. ago I purchased the Sena 10 S. The unit worked great up until about 3 mos.out of warranty. I was riding one day listening to my tunes and suddenly there was a loud high pitched noise and my unit died. I turned it back on and it played for a minute then disconnected and died. This happened several more times. 

I called Sena support told the tech what happened and he said he thought the battery was bad. I asked if I could send the unit in, get the battery replaced and have the unit checked out. After looking it up he said the unit was out of warranty and they don't change the battery or have one I can buy and fix myself. He suggested I go to their website and buy a new or refurbished 20s for the sale price of $179.00 and some change. I was outraged.

I considered the suggestion, looked at other manufacturers, but could not get over the fact there wasn't a more affordable solution. I called Sena 2 more times and got the same information. I talked to a neighbor and told him about the problem. He's a kind of McGyver type of fellow, so if he couldn't fix it, it was done. He took the unit, opened it up, found the battery and found a replacement, put it in. We fully charged the battery, held our breath and bam! It worked. It took him about a day because he had to find the replacement battery and 10-15 mins to install. I had to go back on the Sena device manager app. and start all over again and reload everything, re do my bluetooth connections and everything is fine.. I don't understand Sena not standing behind their product and certainly not providing adequate parts replacement.

This really pissed me off, as I ride a lot this time of year. Sena I am disappointed with your handling of this matter.

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