Devona woke up to the light from the window shining through. Her blinds could be programmed to slowly let light through; however, they were designed by people who didn't have consistent sunrise year-round and the sun came up when most people had to get started for the day. The fake natural light got her up, but it was the display showing how much she had made by sleeping in her underwear live that really got her going. Her bedroom was kept warm to make up for a lack of covers beyond a sheer sheet she used. Sleeping in lingerie wasn't the most comfortable way to sleep, but the dollar signs made it worth the discomfort sex chat

The camera, mounted high on the wall facing her bed, got the full view of her stretching while the one closer to her on the nightstand got her in profile. She knew the best angle to pose at for both. Arching her back to press her hips into the air so her breasts strained at the black faux-lace bra to give the illusion of being massive. She smiled knowing her viewers loved the show.

Having her nightly goal being met with more to beat it, Devona reached under her pillow for the soft toy she kept there. She preferred the buzzglove a client had gotten her for getting off with just her hands, but the crowd liked seeing something going inside her and the toy was perfect. It, to all observers, looked like any silicone or latex phallus a woman might enjoy yet it was something quite different. Firstly, it was far bigger in length and girth than she could ever fit without serious practice. However, it compressed quite easily with only the somewhat rigid centre keeping the shape. So as she slid it into her mouth, the strange alien tentacle shape softly conformed to her mouth rather than the reverse. What looked like ten inches going inside didn't even get to her throat. Though she did swallow hard while rubbing her throat as if it were that deep. Pulling it out, she caught her breath - as if she had been forced to hold it rather than breathing perfectly fine, if shallowly to avoid suspicion, through her nose live sex

Letting the tip of it trace along her neck and between her breasts, as she wished they were big enough to hold around a toy, Devona started to rub it between her legs. She rolled over and raised her bum in the air. Everyone watched as she slid it between her thighs against her matching underwear and, despite nothing vibrating, felt herself tingle with anticipation. Being watched was what enticed her the most anyway. Lifting one leg high as she slowly got herself onto her back, she made a grand gesture of it so she finished with her legs far apart. One off to the side, the other bent. Her free hand started to rub between her legs as she licked the toy along its length. It wasn't clear to those watching or Devona herself if she had meant to slide her hand under the panties when she didn't but she didn't care. After a few moments more of teasing, she raised her hand to reveal the soft wet pussy that had been poorly hidden underneath sex cam

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