50s universal intercom bridge

Has anyone tried using the 50s as a bridge to Sena BT Intercom or Open mesh? I have a non-sena BT device that connects to my 50s via universal intercom pairing. But once the non-sena BT is paired with my 50s, i'm not able to connect to mesh or sena BT intercom. I press the mesh button, and it doesn't do anything, i press the jog dial, just a short tone / beep, but nothing. I tried to long press the jog dial for a BT intercom setup, the 50s doesnt do that while connected to universal intercom. My 50s is using version 1.0.3


A friend of mine has the 30k, latest firmware version, and it is able to bridge the same non-sena BT device over to either open mesh or BT intercom. steps i did for the 30k which didn't work for 50s are:

1. pair with non-sena BT device via universal intercom

2.1 push open mesh button; or

2.2 hold jog dial for 5seconds and initiale BT intercom w/ other sena


both step 2.1 and 2.2 for the 30k bridges the non-sena BT to the mesh / BT intercom respectively. But this procedure doesn't work for the 50s. Does anyone have an idea? I'm thinking maybe the 50s doesn't support the bridge feature yet, and those hard working developers are still writing/ testing the firmware for this?


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