Outrush helmet intercom re-connecting



  • Kathy

    I would love to know how/if the intercom actually works on these helmets


  • Ron McEwen
    Ron McEwen

    These are the only two bluetooth intercom systems I have ever owned to I have nothing to compare them so.  But, ... These intercoms work fine around town.  On the highway the wind noise interferes quite a bit.  We must re-pair the helmets each time we put them on after charging.  That is done fairly easily.  I asked tech support about that and one person said they will re-connect automatically and another tech person said you must re-pair them.  We do this AT THE SAME TIME ON BOTH HELMETS:  We re-pair them by pushing in on the button and HOLDING it clock wise until it says "configuration menu".  Then we release the button and turn it clock wise 3 times until it says "Intercom pairing".  Then release the buttons.  Then only one person pushing in on his button once.  In about 5 seconds it will say "Intercom paired". 


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