Sena 50S Battery Problem



  • Chris

    Hey I think sena had a bad batch of batteries. Update the unit and do a factory reset and a fault reset. When you update, go into the app and update the wireless dongle first, it might just do both at that point.

    After resests if you still have issues contact sena and they will send you a good unit. If you go thru retail you might get a bad battery again.

    After the return and replacement my 50 s lasts forever like my 20s.

  • Jonathan Kinsey
    Jonathan Kinsey

    MY Wife & I each have a Sena 50S, I did a firmware upgrade a few days ago to the latest v 1.0.8, since then, my voice cuts out on my wife's unit, and the battery also drains after around 2 hours. this has happened 3 times now. I have just tried the Fault Reset, lets se if that makes a difference


  • Ekrem Girgin
    Ekrem Girgin

    Thank you for your answers.
    But when I couldn't solve the problem in any way, I sent it back to where I purchased it. They also confirmed that the device was defective and sent me a new product. The interesting thing is, they said they had never seen such a problem with a new product before.
    I am very happy with the new Sena 50S right now :)

  • Ian Hargreaves
    Ian Hargreaves

    I had the same issue!

    Very frustrating. Unit returned and just received the replacement today. Will test soon.

    Interestingly the new unit has firmware 1.09 - which isn't available yet apparently? 

  • Leo Chen
    Leo Chen

    I had a battery issue with my Sena 50S as well. If your unit is within warranty, Sena will replace it. However if it is out of warranty you can replace the battery yourself if you are inclined to. Here's a video I made on the steps:


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