Sena 50S Battery Problem

Hello there.
I bought a new Sena 50S.
After installation, the sena app on my android phone showed 42% battery level. While the battery was at this level, I go out with my motorcycle to test the device. And in about 2(!) hours the device was turned off. I'm trying to charge it with the included type-c cable but the device is not charging?
(I tested it with original iphone&xiaomi 5v charging adapters)
Device is works when it is plugged in, but it constantly gives an audible "low battery" sound and the device turns off as soon as I disconnect the cable. I've tried it for nearly 3 hours and the result is the same. I can connect to my computer with the same cables.
Than update the firmware but nothing has changed.
It is very sad to have such a problem in such a high-end product.
I'm going to call the retailer where I bought this device tomorrow, I'll see how we'll fix this problem.
I'll update here if we can fix the problem in another way.


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