Sena20S evo not transmitting

I have 4 Sena 20S evo intercoms, and they have worked quite well for a number of years, all 4 units are out of warranty.

I recently upgraded to the latest firmware (V2.0.5) and now find that more than 50% of the time, the unit does not transmit when I talk, sometimes I have to scream as loud as I can for about 5 seconds before the intercom realises I am talking and then transmits. I have 4 sena 20S units and after the 2.0.5 upgrade they all have this issue. Is there an option I can select to make it a bit more responsive? My wife, daughters and myself are all getting very frustrated that we keep talking and no-one hears a word we say to each other.. I could reinstall an earlier firmware version, but I like to have the latest version, so hoping there is a cure for this issue?

Regards Gary


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