Smart Volume Control not working when accelerate fast

The automatic volume control sometimes fails to turn volume up when I accelerate fast, And then it turns up louder when I’m slowing down. Very weird.


Here is the scene:

My headphone usually turns up the volume when my speed is around 50-65km/h. If I slowly accelerate, and leave for few seconds cruising at that speed, the volume automatically turns up, working perfectly fine. However, if I my riding style gets more aggressive: If I accelerate fast from 0km/h, the volume level stays unchanged even my speed is at 120km/h. Even more strange, the volume turns up load when I slow down to around 50-65km/h (from 120km/h).


It feels like there is a “threshold” speed that would trigger the volume-up mechanism, but you have to pass through “threshold number” slowly enought for it to repond. And it will mistakenly execute the “volume up” action even when I’m slowing down from highspeed, as long as I reached the “threshold”.


This is a big problem that could severely damage hearing: I would manually turn up the volume, if it fails to turn louder automatically when I accelerate fast. When I’m slowing down/making a stop for pedestrians or a red light. The volume SUDDENLY jumps even louder to a rediculous level when my speed hit the “threshold”. Way too loud, enough to blow up & ruin my ears.


This happended quite a few times, so please check up and resolve this problem, because this can really be a big trouble. Thanks 




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