Android + Sena 50R - Google Voice will not activate if screen on phone is off

For some reason, when my 50R is connected via bluetooth and my helmet is on - my 'Hey Google' works fine as long as the phone screen is on.  But when the screen times out after 5-10 seconds or whatever and the screen goes black, when I say 'Hey Google', all that happens is that my speakers inside my helmet go quiet for 10 seconds with no sounds or noise, and it doesnt respond to any commands. 

I basically have to turn the screen on my phone for anything to work, which is a pain while riding - and holding the center button for 3 seconds on the 50R rarely activates the google voice.

I already added the 50R as a trusted device on my phone. 

I am sure it is some type of bluetooth setting.  Any advice here?


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