Introducing UHF communications into Mesh 2.0

I recently purchased the Sena SR10 in the hopes to integrate the coms from UHF into our Mesh 2.0 Tufftalk M group headsets. 

But I realized once it's connected to a Tufftalk M using Mesh 2.0, it only communicates to that headset and not through to all of the Mesh connected headsets.  

I was able to get around this tho and get it working as I was hoping.

We had in our possession a Sena Mesh Port Red adaptor.  Once the connection between the SR10 and the Mesh Red adaptor is made, any UHF communication is sent into the Mesh 2.0 coms, allowing all that are in the group of Tufftalk M headsets, to clearly hear the UHF communication, and this also doesn't cut off any of the Mesh coms while the UHF is coming through like it does with the SR10 connected to the Tufftalk M headset alone.

As a Suggestion, can the next SR10 be upgraded to include Mesh 2.0, or can a new Mesh Port adaptor be made specifically to connect UHF into Mesh 2.0.  

Our business would gain huge benefits by giving more communication devices the ability to get connected to the Mesh 2.0 


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