Sena Outrush R Face Shield Issue

First, apologies for double posting! I posted in the general section instead of here!

I've had my Outrush R for about 8 months. Initially, with the chin bar closed and the face shield open, when I lift/open the chin bar, the shield would close. So when I closed the chin bar, the shield would also come down and be closed.


Lately, when I open the chin bar, the shield does not close. As I open the chin bar, it feels like it binds somewhere around where the shield connects to the helmet, it "pops", and the shield just continues to move backwards as the chin bar is opened.


I've tried to look/inspect the area and point where it feels like it binds but haven't found anything. The shield is correctly attached to the helmet. The helmet had not been dropped or sustained any damage - I try to take very good care of my helmets.


Has anyone experienced this with the Outrush R or any Sena modular helmet? Any ideas on what to check? How to resolve the issue?


Thanks in advance for any/all responses!

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