SENA 10C EVO's audio-only recording function, audio quality improvement, and audio source selection function added

I am a motorcycle YouTuber using two sets of SENA 10C EVO products. While riding with my wife, I record my voice and produce video content. However, contrary to the expectations of purchasing an expensive product, we are having a lot of difficulty in producing high-quality video, so we ask that you add the following function for audio recording.

1. Added audio-only recording function
The SENA 10C EVO can record pretty decent quality video. However, the lack of image stabilization clearly limits the production of high-quality video. So, it would be nice if an audio-only recording function was added so that SENA's clean voice could be recorded exclusively for audio and used for video production. The audio-only recording feature can save you a lot of battery. This is a must-have for someone like me who shoots continuously for 3-4 hours at a time. Even in the current situation where only audio is needed, it is very inconvenient in many ways to record video for a long time by connecting an additional battery unnecessarily.

2. Audio bitrate enhancement
I checked the audio quality of the video currently recorded with the SENA 10C EVO, and the audio bitrate is only 128kbps. This is a value that results in significant audio loss due to very large compression. It is judged that it is very inappropriate to cause loss through excessive compression in the stage of storing the high-quality sound obtained with SENA's powerful noise canceling. To store quality audio, the bitrate should be at least 192kbps - 320kbps. Even video producers prefer 48kHz/24bit recordings in WAV format of the Linear PCM method rather than compression. Therefore, as mentioned above, if audio-only recording function is added, high-quality WAV recording function is added, and if there is a hardware limitation, I think that the 320kbps MP3 format is reasonable.

3. Added audio selection function to record
If you listen to the audio of the video recorded by the SENA 10C EVO, the voice of the photographer is recorded very clearly, but the sound quality of the other person's voice is relatively poor. This is a physical limitation of recording the other party's voice through radio waves. So, since we are using two 10C EVOs, we filmed the video with the recording function on both sides equally. And if you play side by side in sync to use a high-quality voice in each of the two videos, the voice of the other person is also recorded because of the SENA's characteristics, so the voice does not match perfectly due to the radio wave reception delay. . Therefore, in the recording function of the SENA 10C EVO, the user has the option to select the desired audio source, whether to record only his/her own voice, only the other party's voice, record the voice of the user and the other party together, or also record the sound of the connected mobile phone. I wish there was In this way, after recording only one user's voice on two SENA 10C EVOs, the two audio sources are combined during the editing process to produce a high-quality video in which both voices are clear.

I think the above three issues are sufficiently solvable with the firmware upgrade function. With SENA's industry-leading brand recognition, your products will become more powerful and will continue to gain popularity with outstanding features. This is a request for improvement of SENA 10C EVO from the point of view of a video production expert, so I hope that this will be reflected in the next firmware update. thank you.

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