Changed camera button usage and added auto recording option on SENA 10C EVO


1. Request to change camera power button usage
This is a description of how to use the SENA 10C EVO that I do not understand. The SENA 10C EVO has separate power sources for the Bluetooth main body and camera functions to save battery.

A. Bluetooth ON : Jog Dial + Phone Button
B. Bluetooth OFF : Jog Dial + Phone Button
C. Camera ON : Camera Button Only
D. Camera OFF : Camera Button + Phone Button

Intuitive and consistent operability is very important when using the product. You can easily recognize that the ‘Jog Dial’, which is in charge of the main body’s power button, and the ‘Camera Button,’ which is in charge of the camera’s power button, are separate power buttons. Also, the design that works with the 'Phone Button' to prevent malfunctions while wearing gloves is very good. However, in the above description, items ‘A’, ‘B’, and ‘D’ have a consistent usage, but item ‘C’ has the only different method. In order to maintain intuitiveness and consistency in the operation of turning the product on or off, I think the correct method is to turn on the power with ‘Camera Button + Phone Button’ to turn on Camera. For this reason, I sometimes get confused when turning on the camera and hesitate and miss important moments.

2. Auto recording option function when power on the camera
For those who bought the SENA 10C EVO, it is to use the video recording function. So, SENA 10C EVO users have to go through the following 3 steps to record frequently used videos.

Bluetooth ON → Camera ON → Press REC Button(Manual Recording)

From turning on the SENA's main body to recording, you have to do a lot of button manipulation and it takes quite a while to wait. So, to make this a little easier, adding the auto-recording function as an option makes it quite convenient.

< Auto Recording Options >
--- Option A. No Auto Recording : Bluetooth ON → Camera ON → Press REC Button(Manual Recording)
--- Option B. When the Camera Power ON : Bluetooth ON → Camera ON (Auto Recording)
--- Option C. When the SENA Power ON : Bluetooth ON(Auto Camera ON & Auto Recording)

When these options are added, users can use the product very conveniently and record video without any waiting. This feature helps make riding safer by reducing the amount of time you have to take your hands off the steering wheel if you are recording video while riding a motorcycle. Therefore, we are requesting two firmware updates for the camera recording function, and we would appreciate your consideration.


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