iPhone XR issue….Sena 10u

I have a Sena 10u fitted to a Shoei GT Air helmet, all within the helmet. It’s about 4/5 yrs old……. It worked great with my iPhone 6 but when I upgraded my phone to an XR 1 1/2yrs ago some features such as reading a text that came in will not work without “you must unlock your iPhone” before I can listen to SIRI read back the text. Not helpful when riding….so basically I can’t read/return texts until I stop or pull over. Also - I have the handlebar remote for the Sena and when I push the button to activate Siri, I have been hearing my self talk in my speakers as well as the wind noise in the background. Again - did not happen with the iPhone 6. I have the last set firearm uploaded…..and it did t help: Any suggestions/thoughts??


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