50C Various Issues

I tried my 50C for the first time yesterday.  If I made any sound such as clearing my throat, etc., or if I was riding above ~50mph I would get a nonstop barrage of "intercom failed, try again later".  I tried to tweak the settings but gave up and just rode home...couldn't even listen to music as this would cut off the music while making the announcement. 

Regarding the Sena voice commands, they do not work except I could turn on the camera and record although not consistently.  Other Sena voice command inoperative.  Strange though because Siri works fine although when riding the issue above makes phone calls impossible.

Also, I couldn't register my product on Sena's site as it would not accept 50C as a valid model.  Ticket submitted and holding my breath that a a simple solution exist.

Anyone have issues with their 50C?


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