Endless problems with SMH10R

I have been a long time Autocom user and while it's a bit cumbersome being wired to the bike, it works, it's reliable and the batteries don't go flat. However, parts are getting a bit hard to come by so I purchased an SMH10R to talk to my wife and share music.

I thought it would be a nice discreet unit and should work seamlessly with my Garmin sat-nav. Wasn't that a monumental error! I have tried updating to the latest firmware, factory resets. Resetting with the tiny pin hole on the front followed by another factory reset. I have tried connecting my clunky but functional Zumo 660 as a phone, a GPS and even tried the selective pairing. I have tried audio multi tasking and still we cannot share music. The only thing that works reliably is the rider to pillion intercom.

It seems you can't reload the firmware and so I have reached the end of my tether. If anybody knows why this thing won't work please give me your suggestions. Failing that it's going to be a long hunt on the internet for any new Autocom bits I can find and this useless bluetooth nightmare is heading for e-bay.

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