Bluetooth between Sena and action cams like Insta360


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    Alex - Sena Support
    Alex - Sena Support

    Hello Kurt,

    I wanted to let you know that our current models, the 50S and 50R, are equipped with GoPro API Integration, enabling a hands-free experience. I can certainly discuss the possibility of expanding our compatibility to include Insta360 products. Insta360 has gained popularity as an alternative to GoPro, so exploring this avenue might be worth considering. I'll be sure to bring this up for further consideration.

    Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions or suggestions!

  • Kurt

    Hello Alex! Thank you very much for your answer. The API integration to GoPro is already known to me. However, I do not mean the operation by voice command. I mean that you can transmit the sound via Bluetooth to the camera. So no more complex cable setups are necessary for motorcycle vlogs. I've been following this topic for a while and have noticed that this is a big obstacle for many people.

    As already mentioned, this is possible with Cardo. Simply pair with the camera and the sound is recorded directly. If you have the ability to address this in development that would be great. 

  • Alex - Sena Support
    Alex - Sena Support

    Hi Kurt,

    Your insight into Cardo's smooth compatibility with the Insta360 due to AirPods audio capture is spot on. I've got a technical experiment in mind that could shed light on this. Would you be willing to give it a try? Attempt pairing the Insta360 with a Sena device of your choice using the phone pairing option. Hold down the phone button until you hear the "phone pairing" signal. 

    For further detail, head to the airpod connection settings and select "other devices" during the scanning process. While the Sena device is in active phone pairing mode, see if it pops up as an available option for pairing on the Insta360.

    This method has proven effective for me when connecting to laptops for audio tests. It's plausible that it could serve as a workaround for the Insta360.

    Give it a shot and do share the results when you can!

    Best regards,

  • Kurt

    Hello Alex! Nice that there is again so quickly a feedback. I have actually tried all possible connection methods from Sena before.

    With the method you mentioned I get the following result:

    Environment, Sena 50S FW 2.3 (latest), Insta360 one RS FW v2.0.8.4 (latest).
    Hold [P] Phone button moved for 5 seconds
    Sena: "Phone pairing"
    Start search for AirPods in Insta360
    Insta360 finds Sena_xxx
    Click on Sena_xxx in Insta360
    Sena: "Your Heatset is paired"
    Sena: "Media conected"
    Insta360 still shows that it is trying to connect.

    I also already tried the following methods:
    1) Phone Paring: Hold [P] Phone Button for 5 seconds.
    2) Seceond Phone: Hold Jog Dail for 5 seconds, Tap [P] once.
    3) HFP: Hold [P] for 5 seconds, Tap [P] once.
    4) A2DP: Hold [P] for 5 seconds, Tap Jog Dail once.
    5) GPS: Hold Jog Dail for 5 seconds, Tap [P] once, Tap [P] again.
    6) Universal Intercom: Hold Jog Dail for 10 seconds, Rotate Jog Dail to "Universal Intercom", Tap [P] once
    7) Intercom Pairing: Hold Jog Dail for 5 seconds.

    For some, Sena responds with "connected", however Insta360 continues to try to connect. Recognizable by the circle that is spinning. 

  • Jay Az
    Jay Az

    Hi Alex Sena Supprt,
    I am closely monitoring this thread for some months now and hope to see an update and Sharing of some news in this regard, however no luck yet !

    I own a Sena 50S and also an insta360x3 which I use for motorcycles vlogging. To use the camera with Sena intercom there is the need for the extra cables and the need to attach a mic adapter and than a mic with cables bracket etc is basically against the idea of having a sleek camera like insta 360x at first place! Not to mention that all the extras army of accessories on the camera on a makes no sense and defeats the purpose ! So I have two choices ! Change my insta 360 camera to a gopro single lense camera and use Sena to record or simply change my Sena 50 to a cardo and get rid of all the extras as I am able to use bluetooth to record audio in insta 360 directly from my helmet. I have been a loyal customer for many years but unfortunately I am considering a shift to Cardo, simply because your devices are not capable of connecting to one of a most diverse and game changing camera like insta360! Many months since this post was raised by Kurt , yet no sign of hope! You may find more and more Sena customers  give up! I am considering my Christmas gift will be a new pair of Cardo edge if Sena won’t change the game and issue updates to enable Bluetooth connectivity with insta360! Writing this sounds to be so simple of a problem in current height of technology! I am not sure why it’s seems a big problem for Sena to fix!


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