SRL3 Voice Commands


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  • Gidon We
    Gidon We

    The voice commands never work.. 0 out of 50 times!

  • Garyfagg128

    Just spent loads of money on a Shoie gt air 3 and a srl3 the voice command for hey Sena dose not work and there is no solution to the problem out thereI have a srl2 in my gt air2 has been great come on Sena get your act together I will be returning helmet and coms for a full refund shame great helmet

  • Henrik Nielsen
    Henrik Nielsen

    Its a fucking joke.

  • CAC2244

    May 2024, i just got mine with GT air 3 and voice command just doesn't work... and I thought my Cardo freecom X4 sucked... this Sena is just bad. After more than 100 attempts, I got it to lower volume once, that's it... Hard failing grade.


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