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    I assume Sena guys our busy finalizing their all new Shoei Com-Link System for the 3rd generation helmets Neotec 3 and GT-Air 3. We will get new information, when they are done :-) No wonder I got...

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    SRL Mesh Firmware 1.3 - Revision History available ?

    Via WiFi i got version 1.3. The firmware release notes on haven't been updated. Any know or noticed any differences ?   

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    Please be aware, there are 2 different hardware revisions, with 2 different firmware releases. For hardware revision #1 V1.3.1 is the latest firmware.    2.2.1 is for hw#2 Part-Nr. 50S-10 1.3.1 is ...

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    I got really helpful feedback from a Sena expert I would like to share with you. ----begin if quote--- -Following customer feedback that the microphone opened too easily in mesh because of wind or ...

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    Let's keep in mind, that there are two hardware revisions of the same product. As they have different Chipsets and different firmware versions, let's not mix them up. Old hardware, from 2021 still ...

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    Thank you Daniele ! So i am not the only one, still suffering. A bit disappointing there is no reaction from SENA after all these months.

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    As this issue is here for quite some while. Am i the only one with an RT1 (revision#1)  how still has this issue ? I'm on the latest firmware 1.2.1 (2nd of june 2023). I went back to the OLD V1.0.3...