Shuts off at random

After reading about all the other poor folk who've gotten duped by SENA with this, I decided to give it one last try. I went in and turned off VOX phone, audio multitasking, tap-tap, so as to not overwhelm the communicators. I charged both, and went on a ride with pillion (so that the 20s would be at a foot from one another). Within 5 minutes, I was talking to myself. My pillion pointed out that my unit had shut off by itself... AGAIN. Went to another site - a place that sells the 20S online - where the reviews are disastrous and shameful. On top of releasing a lemon, SENA has simply stopped all support for the units it seems. There are problems with the hardware, with the software (programming/glitches), and with the support. What the heck are we paying for? I'd even understand bragging rights, but the units not being waterproof means that you might be riding around with a condom on top of the communicator in order to keep it dry. Not the coolest bragging rights, and at my age, not really something I can do and also respect myself in the morning. If you're reading this comment, let me save you from wasting your money. Buy anything else under the sun, just not a SENA 20S. Interphone F5s work fabulously, as do the F4 and F3.

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