Let SMH-10 have 2 A2DP pairings at same time

I have a garmin zumo 665, a smartphone, and SMH-10B.     I like to listen to A2DP sources from my phone including pandora, mp3 from media player, slingbox, and have been experimenting with FM radio via bluetooth also.  But I also am considering adding XM to the zumo.  But due to current pairing configuration, I cannot pair to be able to listen to both A2DP from phone sources and XM from zumo.  You have to choose either phone or zumo as your A2DP source.

  I also prefer to pair my phones HFP directly to the SMH-10 since pairing it through the zumo means multiple zumo key presses requiring you to actually take eyes off road  to use and therefore is more dangerous than the single press on SMH-10 phone to activate voicedial.   I also lose voice dial when paired via the zumo for some reason and that means even more key presses to call contacts.  But if I pair the phone directly to the SMH-10 using both HFP/A2DP, and then use multipoint to pair the zumo, the zumo doesn't like not having both of its profiles paired and can act up at times.  I know sena is aware of this and was even told that the multipoint won't work with zumo66x.  Bench testing the multipoint pairing showed decent results with just some minor issues, but it still means no A2DP from zumo (read XM)  in this configuration.

So why not just have multiple A2DP connections on the SMH-10?  That way the zumo could be happy having both profiles paired (HFP via multipoint and A2DP).  and you could pair the phone with its HFP and A2DP.  but SMH-10 would only play one A2DP at a time.  so if you want to listen to pandora from phone, turn it on and SMH-10 plays it.  If you want XM from zumo, turn off pandora on phone and turn on XM on zumo and SMH-10 plays XM.  I think the new SCALA G9 does this and prioritizes the one of the A2DP as the primary, meaning if you have both on, only the primary will play.   Was wondering if this could be done in future firmware upgrade?

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