Improvement suggestions

Allow the user to determine what is the priority mode. IMO, a phone call while riding is at the bottom of priority for many of us.

Have the ability to 100% DISABLE Voice Control (which is flaky at best) for the device, and Voice Control to the Smartphone. On many occasions while riding, my Sena 50S has erroneously went into the Voice Command mode to my iPhone.  Very annoying.

Revive development of the RideConnected app. It’s a very good concept, and with some tweaking it can become very useful. Keeping it simple to use is very important. You guys were so close, then development ceased. There is a company I believe in the UK developing a copy cat app called CHAIN. I’ve tried it, it works, but has some major shortcomings.

Work on making the units WATERPROOF.

Manufacture an updated Cavalry helmet featuring MESH, and a means to plug in wired earbuds. Both the wife and I have the first generation of the Cavalry, and we absolutely love them (just wish it had a earbud jack). These helmets are awesome, perform much better than most people realize. IMO, Harley-Davidson riders would be your targeted customers. There is a large group of riders who desire a simple to operate, small, lightweight 1/2 shell helmet with a hidden mic, speakers, and a earbud jack. A Cavalry helmet featuring MESH (with the earbud jack) would be awesome.

Develop a means of cross platform connecting with the Cardo MESH. Maybe this cross platform connection could have a few restrictions for the Cardo units, enticing the Cardo users to ‘jump ship’ to the superior Sena MESH devices.

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