Music Sharing

You can start sharing music with an intercom friend using Bluetooth stereo music during a two-way intercom conversation. When you terminate music sharing, you can go back to the intercom conversation. To start or terminate sharing music, press and hold the Center Button for 1 second during an intercom conversation until you hear a double beep and you and your intercom friend will listen to or terminate sharing music. To track forward or track back, press the (+) Button or the (-) Button for 1 second until you hear a mid-tone single beep.

1. Both you and your intercom friend can remotely control music playback during music sharing such as track forward and track back.
2. When you have an incoming call, make a phone call, or hear the turn-by-turn voice instruction of GPS during music sharing, the function will be paused.
3. In order to share music, make sure that you update both headsets with the firmware that has the music sharing feature, and enable the EDR setting in the Sena Device Manager.

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