Sharing Music

Here is how to enable the Music Sharing feature on a Sena 20S.

1. Pair two 20S headsets using one of the intercom pairing methods. One way is to hold down the Jog Dial on both of the headsets for 6 seconds until you see the LED flash red rapidly and you hear the voice prompt say “intercom pairing” then within two seconds tap the Jog Dial once on one of the headsets.

2. Tap the Jog Dial on of the headsets to return them to standby mode.

3. Pair one of the headsets to the device that will be source of the music using the Mobile Phone pairing method. Hold down the phone button for 5 seconds until you hear the voice prompt say “phone pairing” and you see the LED flash red and blue rapidly.

4. While the 20S is in Phone Pairing mode, scan for the Sena 20S in the list of Bluetooth devices on your audio devices and when it appears select it to pair the two devices together.

5. Wait for the devices to pair together.

6. After pairing the device to the 20S, tap Jog Dial on the headset to go into intercom mode.

7. Start playing music on the audio device.

8. Hold down Jog Dial for 3 seconds until you hear three beeps then let go. There will be one beep after one second, two beeps after two seconds then three beeps after three seconds. After releasing the Jog Dial, you will hear the voice prompt say “Music Sharing”.

*Note #1: Music Sharing can be turned off by holding down the Jog Dial for 3 seconds again. The music will return to being heard only by the headset that is paired to the audio device.

*Note #2: To make sure that the Bluetooth connection is stable between the two headsets when using the Music Sharing feature, flip up the antenna on the 20S.


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