Intercom Pairing


The headset can be paired with up to three other headsets for
Bluetooth intercom conversation.

1. Press and hold the Center Button of the headset A and B for 5 seconds until red LEDs of the both units star t to flash rapidly.

2. Simply tap the Center Button of any one of the two headsets A and B, and wait until the LEDs of both headsets turn to blue and intercom connection is automatically established.

3. You can make other pairings between headsets A and C, and between headsets A and D by following the same procedure as above.

4. The intercom pairing queue is ‘Last-Come, First-Served’. If a headset has multiple paired headsets for intercom conversations, the last paired headset is set as first intercom friend. The
previous intercom friend becomes second intercom friend, and third intercom friend.


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