Factory Reset


To restore factory default settings on the SRL2, tap the (+) Button or
the (-) Button until you hear a voice prompt, “Factory reset”, and tap
the Center Button to confirm. The SRL2 powers off with a voice prompt,
“Headset reset, good-bye”.

When the SRL2 is not pairing correctly or some features are not working right, you may need to factory reset the SRL2.

1. To restore the SRL2 to factory default settings, press the Center Button for 12 seconds until you hear high-toned double beeps. You will hear a voice prompt saying “Configuration menu”.

2. Tap the (-) Button twice and you will hear a voice prompt saying “Factory reset”.

3. Within 5 seconds, tap the Center Button to confirm reset. The headset will be restored to factory setting and switched off automatically. You will hear a voice prompt saying “Headset reset, good-bye”.

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