Android phone can't locate Sena 20s

Hey there fellow bikers. 

Me and my wife both have 20s and it's been faultless. Recently decided to add speed dial numbers to 20s so plugged to laptop and got pop up window asking if I'd like to update software of the headset. Clicked yes, update completed, added speed dial numbers, jib done. Same with wifes headset. 

Now, when 20s is on and in phone pairing setting wifes phone can't locate it in Bluetooth menu, I can't locate hers as well. All fine with my unit, her phone and my phone can pair in seconds to it. It's just hers. 

Tried to downgrade to previous update- update stuck to 98%. Left it overnight and it's the same in the morning.

Please guide me towards the light out of this tunnel! :) 


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