My SC1 works very badly - I am very disappointed



  • Al Hennigan
    Al Hennigan


    I noticed that since your initial post, that Sena has yet to even extend to you the courtesy of a response. I am of the opinion, that they are running for cover since the release of such a substandard product as the SC1 and are still not offering any substantial solutions to the widespread issues people are having with it worldwide, nor are they even bothering to address them! I have a C4 and SC1 Advanced due at my front door on Wednesday of next week, and I am afraid from all the negative feedback I have been reading I have made a $1200 mistake.

  • J.Schäfer

    I'm a Schuberth customer for years, and I was quite excited at the announcement of both C4 and SC1 - what a user-friendly combination this could be...bought two sets (for my wife and me), and they were absolute crap from the beginning. The helmet is so-so, not the built quality we were used to. But thats another problem...
    The SC1 is almost unusable in real life, actually spoiled quite a lot of our holiday experiences.
    Loses connection, doesn't find the paired partner, breaks communication while talking, needs to be screemed at to even switch on (sometimes does turn on, sometimes "communication not possible..."), scratching sound, not nearly equally loud...and so on.
    Very disappointed, very expensive mistake...


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