some way to stiffen the jog dial or "lock" the volume

I have had the SMH10's for a while, and as a motorcycle instructor, I have really come to like them a lot. However I have one complaint. The mounting point of the SMH10, is too close to my shoulder. Whenever I turn my head, I rub the jog dial against my shoulder, causing it to either turn the volume all the way up, so it is constantly beeping in my ear to tell me it's at full volume....please eliminate that please....or down so far that I can't hear anymore. There needs to be some way to stiffen the jog dial so it doesn't turn so easily, or a protective cover to along the bottom to stop it from being turned by my jacket.

Also, maybe it's just me, but I find it difficult to push and turn to advance songs on my bluetooth playlist. I would LOVE a handlebar mounted control.


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