SMH10R Battery Pack Design Options



  • Sena

    Thank you for your good suggestions. We are doing feasibility study for larger capacity battery and wire design. Will keep you updated when we are ready.

  • James Klauzner
    James Klauzner

    The cord exit point being in the  center and bottom is certainly must have update.


  • Jean-Luc Vernhet
    Jean-Luc Vernhet
    One more, same idea than above I think, but I still submit it..... Installation of the batterie on a BMW système 6 is outside at the back. Charging the battery means taking the helmet at night instead of leaving it in the top-case as I used to do. Isn't it possible to have a waterproof connection just besides the battery? That would allow to unplug it and take it off its holder, allowing to have only this small part to take away for charging.That would be very convenient.

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